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    Create an itemized set based on Analytics


    How to create an itemzied set based on a report in Analytics? E.g. for Users this can be used to change User Group, detect users based on their expiration date, etc.

    The User Set can later be used for multiple jobs such as - Purge User Records, Update/Notify Users, etc.


    1. Create an Analytics report, in the Users Subject Area.

    For example, to retrieve patron expiration date, look at:
    -- User Details > Primary Identifier
    -- Role > Role Type = Patron
    -- Role > Expiry Date = as relevant
    -- Save the report.

    2. Create the set in Alma by doing:

    -- >Admin >Manage Sets >Add Set and select "Itemized". In the upcoming form fill in the required fields and choose "Add contents from file to set = From Analytics"

    -- Select the according Analytics report


    Your set is ready to be used by an Alma job!

    • Article last edited: 17-Jul-2018


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