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    Create Work Order linked to the Circulation Desk

    • Product: Alma



    How to create a Work Order which can be processed at the Circulation Desk (e.g. enabling students to process binding items)?


    To set up a Work Order at the Circulation Desk:


    1] Institution Level Setup

    1. Go to: General Configuration Menu
    2. Click: "Work Order Types"
    3. Choose a code (or add a code) - e.g.: BindRep, Bindery and Repair
    4. Click: "Manage Statuses"
    5. Add Status - e.g.: Binding and Repair Status
    6. Go back
    7. Click: "Manage Departments"
    -- Work Order time (e.g. 30) -- it will indicate when to expect the item back, note override will happen on Library level, see below
    -- Served Libraries: Add relevant Libraries
    -- Operators: Add staff, but not necessary. We find this: "Once you have added the desired work order types and operators to circulation desks, we recommend to remove the operators you previously added on the work order departments, as those last ones will not be needed. This will also limit the number of entries in the Currently at... list."

    [2] Library Level Setup (tie the Work Order to the Circulation Desk)
    1. Go to: Fulfillment Configuration Menu
    2. You are configuring: [Your Library, Main, Law...]
    3. Click: "Circulation Desks"
    4. Click the default Circulation Desk (or the one you will work at)
    5. Select: "Work order Types" (tab)
    6. Add your Work Order (e.g.: Bindery and Repair [to add Status use the drop-down menu, predefined above at Institution level)
    7. In the "Operators" tab add operators
    (8. When done, go back and select again "You are configuring" to be at Institution level, to avoid confusion).


    Additional Information


    Online Help on "Configuring Work Orders and Departments" - clickable here

    Training video for students, staff:

    Multiple more resources exist, for example click here for a recent movie for the new UI.


    • Article last edited: 13-DEC-2017
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