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    Create new fiscal year - without rolling funds over

    • Product: Alma
    • Product Version: May 2016


    How to:

    Desired Outcome Goal: 
    If the fund structure is changed between years (and not being rolled over) - a new fiscal year needs to be created, which the new funds can go against. In order for the new period to be in the fund drop-down it needs to appear in the ‘Fund and Ledger Fiscal Period’ table – but this table does not allow adding rows manually 

    In order to add the new fiscal year to the ‘Fund and Ledger Fiscal Period’ table: 
    1. Go to Acquisitions Menu > Rollover Ledgers and add a job 
    2. Choose one random ledger and make sure to set it as : 
    a. No allocation 
    b. Action = Copy 
    c. Draft status 

    3. After the job is completed, go to the Fund and Ledgers page – identify the new draft ledger – and delete it (saying yes to delete all its related funds etc.) 
    4. Now if you go back to the Fiscal Period mapping table you will have a new entry that will also be visible when adding new funds/ledgers 

    Note we are not running a rollover on all ledgers – just one in order to get our missing line into the mapping table.



    • Article last edited: 10-May-2016