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    Customized Letter Content is not included in "Update/Notify Users" Job Emails

    • Product: Alma



    Why is a local, customized letter not showing up in the emails sent to users with "Update/Notify Users" Send Letter? For example, the library wishes to send a welcome letter to Alumni or Community Borrowers, inviting them to sign-in to Primo via Social Login.


    Review these steps:

    1. Add a letter code, e.g. WELCOME_ALUMNI, in: Configuration > User Management > User Notification Types.
    2. Edit the text in: Configuration > General > Letter emails > User Notifications Letter
    3. Link the Letter Code to the XSL segment of "notification_data/notification_type" in: Configuration > General Customize Letters > User Notifications Letter.

    Kindly advised by an Alma customer:

    Ensure the customized letter (step #3) contains the User Notifications Letter XSL template more generally with up to 8 lines, commenting out the ones you don't need. We have commented out the Password change specific part of line 1.

    For example:

    xsl:when test="notification_data/notification_type = 'WELCOME_ALUMNI' "> 
    <xsl:value-of select="notification_data/temp_password" /> 


    1. Save, create a User set.  It is recommended to test first on a small scale (small set).

    Additional Information

    For more information and options, see the Online Help on "Configuring User Notification Types".


    • Article last edited: 27-AUG-2018
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