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    Dawson customers switching to ProQuest Ebook Central (EBC) platfom - FAQ


    Question 1: Can ProQuest redirect Dawson URLs to Ebook Central?

    Answer 1: No, ProQuest does not have control over Dawson URLs. Therefore, customers need to update their links on their reading lists, link resolvers, discovery tools etc. You can use the portfolios loader to deactivate portfolios in legacy collection and to activate portfolios on new platform. If you're using CZ records for ebooks and Leganto then the Alma link resolver will take care of the links.


    Question 2: How do we obtain EBC MARC Records?

    Answer 2: If you are going to receive bib records containing the new URLs, you could run a Repository import matching on ISBN, merging but set to "Keep only old value" so that the existing bib record isn't edited, and have the import create new portfolios in the new collection using the URLs in the 856.


    Question 3: What are the options available for automated holdings updates?

    Answer 3: In Alma the according integration profile has to be adjusted. ALMA Customers who have switched their Dawson titles to Ebook Central and already have Auto-Holdings in place should de-activate corresponding Dawson portfolios on ALMA after the switch is complete. Those who don’t have Ebook Central/ALMA auto-holdings active should update the relevant ALMA CZ profiles or their local collection as needed.


    Question 4: How could customers migrating to Ebook Central activate titles on ALMA that are not part of the migration (Dawson titles not migrating to Ebook Central)?

    Answer 4: Any remaining titles that have not been matched to any titles on Ebook Central, and so will not be migrated to Ebook Central, will need to be activated by the customer through ALMA CZ profiles or their local collection.


    Question 5: Do I have to pay for Ebook Central during the move from Dawson to Proquest?

    Answer 5: No. During migration you don't have to pay any extra money. We have checked with all publishers and there are no extra charges. Any new purchases out side of the migrated titles will follow the standard fulfillment process. If you have any related questions please contact your local Sales Representative.


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    • Article last edited: 21-Jul-2020