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    EDI Invoice: Retrieve VAT amount from MOA+124 of the invoice level

    • Product: Alma


    Why Alma doesn't retrieve the correct VAT amount from the MOA+124 field of the invoice level?


    The EDI invoice file should be corrected.

    Make sure to remove all the MOA+124 fields from the lines level.

    No configuration is needed in Alma.


    Additional Information

    Alma can retrieve the VAT amount from the MOA+124 field of the invoice level or of the lines level, but not from both.

    When the invoice lines hold the MOA+124 field, Alma will calculate the VAT total amount based on the MOA+124 fields of the invoice lines.

    The MOA+124 field of the invoice level will be ignored.

    In order for Alma to retrieve the VAT amount from the invoice level, the MOA+124 field should be held only for the invoice level and be removed from the lines level.

    • Article last edited: 05-Apr-2017