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    Error message when trying to generate predicted items

    • Product: Alma


    When trying to generate new items for a serial using a prediction pattern, Alma returns an error message.

    Error message 1:

    " 500 Internal Server Error The call failed on the server, see server log for details"

    Resolution for Error message 1:

    The error is caused by "incorrect" (or unexpected) issue date. For example, if issue date is 20170231 the system will fail because February has only 28 days. Or a date format can cause the issue. e.g. 201701231 instead of 20171231.
    It is needed to enter dates in this format - YYYYMMDD.

    Error message 2:

    “An error occurred while creating predicted serial items”

    Resolution for Error message 2:

    If using Barcode Generation, check under Configuration > Resources > General > Barcode Generation that one of the rules is set as Default. If not, click on the Actions button and choose “Set as Default”.

    • Article last edited: 20-DEC-2017