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    Ex Libris User Accounts

    • Product: Alma

    There are specific “Ex Libris” user accounts that exist in the system which are used by Ex Libris for the implementation of Alma, PrimoVE, Leganto and Esploro before the switch to support and for escalated support cases that require access to your environment after switch to support.  

    In the latter case any such access by Ex Libris support to your institution, when it is done, is only after approval has been given by the customer.  In addition, any such access is made only via a secure login process which is both monitored and fully recorded. 

    There also exists an additional user account which is needed for technical purposes as part of the integration between the API Gateway and the system.  It serves no other purpose besides that and is not used for any support or implementation activities by Ex Libris staff.

    Details on the different user accounts and their purpose can be found below

    For historical reasons the names below may vary.  Ex Libris has plans to standardize the name as it appears in the system and in Analytics starting in February 2020.


    ID Name Purpose Notes
    exl_impl Staff, Ex Libris Serves to provide support to institutions both during implementation and after switch to support. Sometimes appears as Implementor, Ex Libris
    exl_support Support, Ex Libris DEACTIVATED - NO LONGER IN USE

    This user has no roles and cannot be used to perform any activity in the environment.  

    The name of this user will change to ‘Ex Libris, BLOCKED - Not in Use’

    exl_api API , Ex Libris Used for technical purposes as part of the integration between the API Gateway and the Higher Education Platform This user cannot be used to login and perform staff actions in the system.

    There may be additional users with the name “Ex Libris” (e.g. Ex Libris, Support and Development) which have been created as part of a support related activity.  This is unintentional and any such users will be deactivated and deleted by Ex Libris.  

    Customers that would like to get more information on such Ex Libris user accounts or have any concern are welcome to contact support.


    • Article last edited: 15-Jan-2020