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Exclude Acquisitions process status from publishing to OCLC (control when to publish to OCLC)


  • Product: Alma



How to control when records are published to OCLC? For example, how to exclude brief bib records loaded via the acquisitions processes?


It is possible to control when the Management Tag > Export to WorldCat is added to the bibliographic record. Ensure it is added only at the final stage of cataloging.

For example:

1. In any of the Import Profiles (Repository, New Order, Import Profile), check the Set Management Tags tab, and select the preferred "Synchronize with OCLC" option. Note: At this time, the "Update Inventory" profile appears to flag the records as "Don't Publish". Contact support for latest information.

2. When using the "OCLC Client / OCLC Connexion" Integration Profile, select the preferred "Synchronize with External Catalog?" option. 

3. For cataloging in the Metadata Editor or External Search Resources - configure the process "MmsTagSyncExternal" in the Normalization Rule (e.g. for: Marc21 Bib normalize on save, also referred to as: "Marc21 Bib validation on save")

Note: Support is investigating whether the Normalization Rule applies in the Metadata Editor; Also checking the effect of "Update Inventory" import profile on publishing to OCLC.


Additional Information

Click below for more information in the Online Help:

"Publishing to OCLC", the section - When Records are Exported.

"Importing Records from OCLC Connexion". 

"Configuring Cataloging", and, "Configuring External Search Resources".


  • Article last edited: 3-DEC-2019
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