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    How can you use Item Material Type?

    • Product: Alma


    What are the various uses of Physical Item Material Type?


    To configure Item Material Types you must have one of the following roles:

    • General System Administrator
    • Fulfillment Administrator

    Item Material Types may be enabled for overarching policies related to Fulfillment Units. For example, you can add rules for items with Material Type (Study Room Keys, Equipment, Laptop, Tablet, USB drive, etc.) so these are available for booking requests by your patrons yet unavailable for resource sharing. You may also group certain items by Item Material Types that will share the same circulation policy. 

    For example, a small collection of “Game” Material Type items that are shelved along with your Reserves.  If you don't normally allow requests for Reserves, you can set a request rule type that allows Game items to be requested and booked.


    Additional Information 

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