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    Displaying the total number of rows at the top of an Analytics report

    • Product: Alma


    How can an Analytics report be configured to show the total number of rows at the top of the report? This can be used to display a total count of MMS IDs or items returned by a query.


    1. On the Criteria tab, add any column to the report (the field does not matter)
    2. Click "Edit formula"
    3. Replace the column formula with MAX(RCOUNT(1))
    4. Optional: check the box for "Custom Headings" and rename the column heading as desired, such as "Column for Counting"
    5. Click "OK"
    6. Click "Column Properties"
    7. On the Column Format tab, check the box in the top right corner labeled "Hide"
    8. Click "OK"
    9. Note the position of the column you just created, counting from the left
    10. Go to the Results tab
    11. In the "Views" menu in the bottom left corner, click "New View" NewView23.png > "Other Views" > "Narrative"
    12. In the "Narrative" field, enter total @x where x refers to the column position identified in step 9. Example: total @3 if the custom column is the third column in the report
    13. In the "Rows to display" field, enter 1
    14. Click "Done"
    15. Click and drag the "Narrative" view to place it in the desired location in the report
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