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How do I hide specific collections in ViewIt only from not logged in users ?

General Electronic Services are a very flexibly resource that may be made available based on configured rules. The Display Logic Rules enable defining dependencies between resources that appear in the GetIt and ViewIt tabs. These two configurable elements make up a flexible tool that allows creating this type of configuration.

The below suggestions takes advantage of the fact that Display Logic Rules work in a sequenced manner, one after the other. Therefore, you can configure the below. Note that the Display Logic Rules must be configured in this order.

  1. Create a General Electronic Service that shows also for not logged in users. Call it “HIDE Service”
  2. Create logic rules in the below order:
    1. Hide the “HIDE Service” service for all user groups. The result is that the service remains only for not logged in users
    2. Hide the required collections  if there is a service “HIDE Service”
    3. Hide the “HIDE Service” service unconditionally


The result will be that the collections show only for signed in users.

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