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How to Remove Portfolios from an Alma Local Electronic Collection

  • Product: Alma



Is it possible to remove (not delete) portfolios from a local electronic collection?
I know that you can remove portfolios one by one, but I need to remove a group of portfolios in batch.


It's not possible to remove portfolios from a local collection or set them back to a standalone status. 
The only options are to either mark them as 'inactive' or move them to a new collection. 
You can use the Portfolio Loader to update portfolios by first exporting, updating, and re-importing them using an Excel spreadsheet (see relevant articles in the "Additional Information" section below).
Use the Extended Export feature from a portfolio list for your local collection for the excel export.
You can activate/deactivate selected portfolios using this Excel file.
Keep in mind that the local collection is just a container for these portfolios.
All of the linking information is at the Portfolio level, so the collection is just a grouping mechanism.
Below are two approaches to doing this:

1. Mark the portfolios as 'inactive' in current local electronic collection

  a. Use the Alma Electronic Collection search to locate the local collection that has the portfolios you wish to remove.

  From the Actions link (3 dots): Edit Service  > Portfolios tab > Export List: Excel (all fields) to download the list of portfolios

  b. In the AVAILABILITY column indicate 'INACTIVE' for the portfolios you want to remove from this collection; save the Excel file.

  c. Return to the Edit Service  > Portfolios tab > Load Portfolios and add the following parameters:
    File: Select your updated Excel file for upload
    Loading Policy Type: Incremental
    Sect Action: Update portfolios
    Select Validation Policy: Validate online (small number of portfolios to update) or Validate offline (large number of portfolios to update)

2. See Moving a Set of Portfolios to a Different Electronic Collection

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