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How to Suppress an Alma Digital Collection from Primo Display

  • Product: Alma, Alma Digital



How do you suppress a Digital Collection from displaying in the Primo Collection Lobby?


1. In Alma, go to Resources > Manage Inventory: Manage Collections > [COLLECTION NAME] (e.g. Default Collection)

Note the "Collection ID" (e.g. 81255601980007081) or MMS ID for the collection.

2. Do a simple Alma search by Collection: Collection ID (or Collection MMS ID)

3. When the collection is returned in the results, click "Edit Record" to push it into the Metadata Editor (MDE)

4. With the Collection record displaying in the MDE: go to Record Actions > Suppress from Discovery (Alt + Shift + S)

5. Save and release the collection.

6. Refresh your Primo browser and the collection should no longer display in the Collection Lobby.


Additional Information

Managing Collections > Add New Collection Fields: Suppress from Discovery



  • Article last edited: 16-Nov-2021
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