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    How to activate an Electronic Collection from the Community Zone?

    • Product: Alma



    How to activate an Electronic Collection from the Community Zone?


    Follow these steps:

    1.    Search the Institution Zone to double check that the Electronic Collection is not already activated at your Alma. If the “People” icon shows up – it means the collection is already active in my Alma (and users will find the information in Primo).


    2.    If the collection is not found- click the Community tab to proceed in the Community Zone (CZ).

    3.    E.g. here for “EBSCOhost Health Business FullTEXT” - Click: Activate


    4.    Follow the Wizard - most important is to fill the Full Text Service switches - activate this electronic collection service, make service available, and as relevant - automatically activate new portfolios (as they are added through the Community Zone updates):


    5.    Fill full text parameters as relevant. Most important - decide on Proxy setup (usually - Yes).


    6.    Decide if to activate all portfolios immediately, or via Excel, or individually later:


    7.    Confirm to Activate:



    Additional Information

    Click here for documentation on: "Activating an Electronic Collection Using the Activation Wizard".

    The documentation confirms that to manage electronic resources, you must have the following roles:

    • Electronic Inventory Operator
    • Electronic Inventory Operator Extended (required for delete operations)
    • Repository Manager



    • Article last edited: 27-FEB-2023
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