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    How to add "Report a Problem" link for the GetIt or ViewIt menu?

    • Product: Alma



    How to create a "Report a Problem" link to be included in the "Get It" or "View It" menus, including the OpenURL?

    This would allow patrons to report a problem without the need to explain in great detail what the problem is.


    This is done by adding a General Electronic Service.

    The steps are:
    1. Click: Alma [F2] > Fulfillment Configuration Menu
    2. Click: General Electronic Services
    3. Click: Add Service
    4. In the "Service Details" tab, define, among other, about the "Display Location" (ViewIt and/or GetIt)
    5. Add a URL template, or syntax that will email the information.
    6. In the "Service Availability Rules", you can decide to always display this Service (Is Display = True), or define a rule.


    An example for a template is given here (please change the base URL so it points to your library page):
 {rft_dat}&type=Eresources Issues&Sub-Type=Cannot%20connect%20to%20resource&rft.isbn={rft.isbn}&rft.issn={rft.issn}&rft.volume={rft.volume}&rft.month={rft.month}&rft.genre={rft.genre}&rft.auinit={rft.auinit}&{}&rft.issue={rft.issue}&{}&rft.title={rft.title}&rft.stitle={rft.stitle}&rft.btitle={rft.btitle}&rft.jtitle={rft.jtitle}&rft.aufirst={rft.aufirst}&linktype=openurl&rft.atitle={rft.atitle}&rft_val_fmt=info%3Aofi%2Ffmt%3Akev%3Amtx%3Aarticle&rft.auinit1={rft.auinit1}&{}&rft.year={rft.year}&url_ver=Z39.88-2004&rft.aulast={rft.aulast}&rft.spage={rft.spage}

    One library shares the experience: PsycInfo requests include requests for book chapters and articles from serials. The primary title is in "rft.btitle" or "rft.stitle". Adding "ftf.stitle" is needed.


    Additional Information


    See also related article and links to documentation in: How to create a GES that will send an email?



    • Article last edited: 13-AUG-2018