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    How to change (move) Holdings without items to another location

    • Product: Alma



    It is needed to move Holding records to another physical location. The job "Change holdings information" runs on a set of physical items. How can this information be changed for empty holding records, i.e. holding records without any physical items (itemless)?


    Although the job "Change Holding Information" appears to be relevant only for "Physical Items", it can run on "Physical Titles" as well.

    The steps:

    [1] Have a Normalization Rule which changes Location, e.g. 

    rule "Replace text MAIN"
    replaceContents "852.b.MAIN" with "GRAD"
    replaceContents "852.c.main" with "grad"

    [2] Edit a sample Holding record and test the above NR in the Metadata Editor. 

    [3] Add the NR to a Process:

    • Go to: Configuration > Resources
    • Click: Metadata Configuration
    • Click: MARC21 Holding
    • Select: Normalization Processes (tab)
    • Select an existing Process or Add a Process
    • In the “Task List” tab > “Add a Task”
    • Select “MarcDroolNormalization” 
    • In “Tasks Parameters” > ensure the “Drools File Key” has the NR
    • Save

    [4] Create a “Physical Titles” set

    [5] Run a Job > Type: Information Update > Change Holding Information

    • Select your set, even though it is “Physical Titles”, it will show up
    • Select: Correct the data using normalization rules 
    • Select your normalization rule
    • Submit the job – it always a good idea to test on small scale first and also on Sandbox if possible
    • Confirm the message – it will show how many records are expected to change

    [6] If the process has not achieved its purpose, it is possible to Restore, see below.

    Additional Information

    Click here for "How to run a rule on a set of holding records".  The How To can be found directly also in Extended Training on Rules.

    Click here for "Running Manual Jobs on Defined Sets", the page also refers to Restoring Records for certain jobs.


    • Article last edited: 28-MAY-2019
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