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    How to claim a lost loan?

    • Product: Alma


    In the Overdue and Lost Loan Profile you can set the status of the loan you want to claim. There is no option to select the status "Loan". How can we send an overdue notification for a lost loan?


    This is not possible by design.

    A "lost" status is always the final status of the claiming procedure. Meaning, you can define overdue letters to be sent ("Overdue Notification Type 1 to 5") and then finally change the loan to lost ("Change to lost"). Once a loan is lost, it is not part of the claim process anymore, and no notices will be sent anymore.

    They will still be part of the borrowing activity report. So if you schedule this letter, the patron stays informed about their lost loans.


    • Article last edited: 18-Aug-2017
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