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    How to create a 'Physical Titles' itemized set using a list of MMS IDs

    • Product: Alma



    MMS ID is not an available header for creating a Physical Titles set. How is it possible to create a Physical Titles itemized set using a list of MMS IDs?


    1. Open 'Design Analytics' (Analytics > Analytics > Design Analytics)
    2. New > Analysis
    3. Select Subject Area > Physical Items
    4. From 'Bibliographic Details' folder, add 'MMS Id' to 'Selected Columns'
    5. From 'Physical Item Details', add 'IEP' to 'Selected Columns'
      • Note: the IEP is a unique identifier for all physical inventory associated with a record
    6. In 'Selected Columns', add filter for 'MMS Id'
    7. Format the 'MMS Id' filter and click 'OK'. The filter should be formatted according to the example below:
      • Column: MMS Id
      • Operator: is equal to / is in
      • Value: Paste your list of MMS Ids into the column filter as described step-by-step here
    8. In 'Selected Columns', edit the Column Formula for 'IEP'
    9. Check the box for 'Custom Headings' and change the Column Heading to 'PID'
    10. Save the Analysis
    11. The Analysis can now be used to create a 'Physical Titles' itemized set

    This method will only include MMS IDs that have attached holdings records. This method will not add bibliographic records that lack physical holdings.

    Additional Information

    Find more information in the Online Help about creating itemized sets from an Alma Analytics report, including a list of headers.

    For more information about the IEP or other identifiers, please see our documentation on Record Numbers.

    • Article last edited: 02-Jun-2022
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