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How to create a GES that will send an email?

  • Product: Alma




How to format a URL in a General Electronic Services (GES) which will send an email?


Steps are:

1) Navigate to Fulfillment Configuration Menu > Discovery Interface Display Logic > General Electronic Services
2) Select Add Services
3) Add the fields as you would for any GES and in the URL Template add:
4) Click Add and Close

Additional Information

[1] Additional parameters can be added such as a subject and default text for the body. To include line breaks in the body text use the characters %0D%0A.
Here is an example URL Template with both a subject and default body text and line breaks in the body text.{rft.title}&body=Please%20contact%20me%20about%20this%20title%0D%0A{rft.title}%0D%0AISBN/ISSN:%20{rft.issn}{rft.isbn}%0D%0AThanks.


[2] See also related article on using a URL/web form instead of email:

[3] Documentation regarding General Electronic Services:

[4] Documentation regarding Display Logic Rules:


  • Article last edited: 12-AUG-2016