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    How to import the PO Line price into the item record

    • Product: Alma



    How to import the PO line price into the item record


    1. Go to Alma Configuration > Resources > General > Item Sequencesclipboard_e6772576af71e3f6b9f3b97bfa152c101.png

    2. In the Inventory Number tab, click "Add New Sequence" (set up an Inventory Number system)clipboard_e1e96d4aa1321462b77b26318b1e007a8.png

    3. Search for the item and edit it. 

    4. On the Inventory information section, click "Allocate" to generate an inventory number, a date, and to import the inventory price into the item record.


    Additional Information

    For more information on setting up an inventory number system, see Configuring Item Sequence Numbers.



    • Article last edited: 02-Jun-2023