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    How to order a specific portfolio from within an ordered package in the institution level

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    • Product: Alma

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    To order a portfolio from an already-ordered collection in the IZ:
    1. Search for an Electronic Collection and place an order at the collection level (as you can only order a resource once on this level, once you have placed it the order link no longer displays for the collection).

    2. Click the “Number of portfolios” link in the collection. The Portfolios List page displays.

    3. Place an order on a portfolio by clicking “Order”. The PO Line Owner and Type page displays (as you can only order a resource once on the portfolio level, once you have placed an order, the order link no longer displays for that resource on the Portfolios List page).

    4. Enter the required fields and click Create PO Line

    5. Go to inventory. Click Edit. Click the Portfolio tab and view the PO line details. There are 2 POL fields:
    a) POL – the portfolio’s POL.
    b) Electronic Collection POL – the general POL for the collection.
    The collection PO line has a different number, so the collection and portfolio PO lines can be handled separately.

    You can add more portfolios from the collection to the portfolio POL you created, as shown in the Online Help here:
    We do not recommend using one POL to order portfolios from different collections.

    Note: you can order a resource multiple times from the CZ, but each order will create a separate record.

    • Article last edited: 7/14/2014