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How to receive an item for a POL of type Standing Order Monograph

  • Article Type: General
  • Product: Alma

Desired Outcome Goal:
Receiving an item for a Standing Order Monograph PO Line.

To receive non-monograph material, see Receiving New Physical Material. You receive new items into a standing order by creating the standing order (see Manually Creating a PO Line), creating holdings for the new item, and attaching the new item to the standing order.

  1. Ensure that there is a standing order PO line to attach to the new item.
  2. Create a new physical holdings (Resource Management > Create Inventory > Add Physical Item) (see Adding a New Book or Journal Article).
  3. Select New in the Choose holding type field, select either a book or an article in the Citation type field, and click Choose. The Quick Cataloging page appears.
  4. Configure resource and item information, and click Save. The holdings and item are created, and the new item appear in a repository list; see Searching in Alma
  5. Click Items or View All Items in the row actions list to view the newly created item.
  6. Select Edit in row actions list. The Physical Item Editor appears (see Updating Item-Level Information).
  7. In the PO line field, select the PO line of the standing order monograph to link to this item.
  8. Enter the receive date in Receiving Date.
  9. Modify any other fields as required.
  10. Click Save to save the item and close the Physical Item Editor.


  • Article last edited: 02/01/2018 GJW