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    How Do Scheduled Jobs Work in Alma?

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    How do scheduled jobs work in Alma?


    Most jobs run at a specific time and must be enabled by Ex Libris Support. Users have no control over these system processes. The "creator" user account for triggering scheduled jobs is called the saas_admin user, which is an account used to manage environments on an infrastructural level. This user cannot be used to login and perform staff actions in the system, but is used in order to run the scheduled jobs. 

    There are some jobs that users can control and select scheduling options. Examples include: Publishing to Primo, Publishing to OCLC - Bibliographic Records, and Send Courtesy Notices and Handle Loan Renewals.

    The scheduling options available in the job configuration reflect existing dependencies that may occur between jobs, as the output of one may be the input to another (e.g. the Synchronize Changes to CZ job).

    However, you can run some of these jobs outside their scheduled times by manually starting them through an import profile, an integration profile, or from the Alma configuration pages listed below.

    Additional Information

    Should you wish to know more about the various job types and how batch jobs are handled in Alma, refer to the Overview of Jobs in the Online Help.

    For Acquisitions job settings, please see Configuring Acquisitions Jobs.

    For Resource Management job settings, please see Configuring Resource Management Jobs.

    For Fulfillment jobs, please see Configuring Fulfillment Jobs.

    For an overview of all Scheduled Jobs, please see Viewing All Scheduled Jobs.


    • Article last edited: 30-Oct-2019