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How to unlink a record from a Community Zone record?

  • Product: Alma



How to unlink a bibliographic record from the Community Zone?


To unlink bib records individually:

  1. Edit the record in the Metadata Editor
  2. From the "File" menu - choose "Copy to Catalog".

To unlink bib records via a job (in batch / bulk) - this is not yet possible today. However please see a suggestion here:

  1. Create a Set of the bib records
  2. Export the set using the 'Export Bibliographic Records' job
  3. As preferred, edit the records in the *.mrc file, or add a Normalization Rule when importing the records back to Alma
  4. Create a Repository Import Profile which does not add inventory, matches on 001, and unlinks from CZ.
    1. More specifically, Encoding Format is: UTF-8
    2. Add a Normalization Rule if relevant
    3. "Match Profile" tab has match on "001 To MMS_ID Match Method"
    4. In this tab, also check: "Unlink bibliographic records from community zone"
    5. In this tab, "Upon no match" = Do Not Import
    6. Inventory Information: None.

Of course, inspect the rest of the parameters and test carefully with a small set first..




  • Article last edited: 02-JAN-2020
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