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    If no invoice for one-time POL, how to mark as fully invoiced?

    • Product: Alma
    • Product Version: May 2016



    Customer does not create invoices and the Invoice Status in the POL Summary is No Invoice. The customer does not want one-time POLs to rollover when Rollover PO Lines is run. 

    When creating the POL, in the PO Line Summary, under PO Line Details, select Fully Invoiced as part of your workflow. 

    If the customer needs to change many POLs' Invoice Status, a job can be run to update the Invoice status. See steps below. 

    Please note that this needs to be done only if the customer is not creating invoices. If the customer is creating invoices, the Invoice Status in the PO Line Summary will automatically become Fully Invoiced and this workflow is not needed.


    Create a set of POLs, under Admin>Manage Sets. 

    For example. POL set where Workflow= Sent and PO Line Type= Physical – One Time. 

    Run the Update PO Line Information job Under Administration>Manage Jobs>Run a Job. 

    Select the set. 

    Check the box next to Invoice Status and select Fully Invoiced 

    Submit the job. 

    The one-time POLs in the set will then be Fully Invoiced and will not roll when rollover is run.


    • Article last edited: 15-July-2015
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