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    If no invoice is expected in Alma for a one-time POL, how to mark as fully invoiced?



    How to avoid Rollover of One-Time PO Lines (POLines), when the POL has a price, and is linked to a Fund, but no Invoice is expected to be added in Alma? 


    In this case, change the PO Line Invoice Status from "No Invoice" to "Fully Invoiced". This will release any encumbrances, and avoid the POL from being Rolled Over to the next Fiscal Period.

    To change it manually - edit the One-Time PO Line and change the "Invoice Status" to "Fully Invoiced". 

    To change in bulk:

    1. Create a Set of Order Lines, through a search in Alma, in Analytics or by uploading an Excel File. See below the Online Help link to "Sets and Queries".
      1. For example, search for Order Lines whose "Workflow" is "Sent", and PO Line Type is "Physical - One Time".
    2. From Admin > Run a Job > Select: "Update PO Lines Information", select the set, and click to change the Invoice Status to "Fully Invoiced".

    One-Time POLs that are in this set will be "Fully Invoiced" and will not rollover through the "Rollover - PO Lines" job.


    Update, July 2024: In Support we have noticed situations where the job does not add a disencumbrance equivalent to the encumbrance. Instead, this was tested - to "Update PO Line Transactions", and select to "Release remaining encumbrance".

    Additional Information

    Find here more about "Sets and Queries".

    Find here more about "Manual Jobs and Their Relevant Parameters".





    • Article last edited: 9-JULY-2024
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