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    Item in Transit to Non-Existent Main Library

    • Product: Alma


    An item was placed in transit to "Main Library," which does not exist in the Institution. Scanning the barcode in the "Scan In Items" interface shows a destination of "unknown" and returns the following error:

    "Could not determine the next action for the item. Please contact the fulfillment administrator to check the configuration of the item."

    Why did this occur and how can it be resolved?


    This occurs when an item's location (permanent or temporary) is not associated with a Circulation Desk. The item's next step cannot be calculated, resulting in the item being placed in transit to a default location which does not exist.

    To resolve this issue, use the "Change Item Information" tab on the "Scan In Items" interface and submit a "Restore" change type for the affected item.


    • Article last edited: 17-Aug-2020