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    Where is the Loan Policy defined in the Primo and Primo VE "GetIt" section for Alma?

    Product: Alma


    In the Primo "Get It" tab and Primo VE "Get It" section, why do non-signed-in users see "Loanable", and signed-in see "Not Loanable" sometimes? How is the Loan Policy displayed in Primo/Primo VE calculated?


    The loan policy is calculated as follows:

    For guest users:

    If a user is not signed-in, the rules for the item's Fulfillment Unit are evaluated all at once - their order in the list of rules does not matter. If there is at least one rule that has a loanable policy, the label picked is: "Loanable".

    When a user that is not logged into Primo/Primo VE and performs a search, Alma consults the Terms of Use rules are searched to determine if the item is available for loan. In addition, Alma consults these additional parameters for more accurate results:

    • Item Location
    • Item Policy
    • Material Type
    • Process Type
    • User Group

    For signed-in users:

    • If the item is found to be loanable to the user, the text is identical to the "Due Date" Loan Policy description.
    • If it is not loanable, the text is again taken from: c.uresolver.getit2.item_list.non_circulating.

    Label text configuration:

    In Primo: Configuration > Fulfillment > Discovery Interface Display Logic > Labels.

    In Primo VE find it at: Configuration > Discovery > Display Configuration > Labels > ViewIt Labels:

    • "Loanable" is defined in: c.uresolver.getit2.item_list.circulating.  
    • Otherwise the label is coming from: c.uresolver.getit2.item_list.non_circulating. By default, the text is "Not loanable".

    What is the logic? 

    When a user is not authenticated, Alma does not have all of the information required to accurately determine which Fulfillment Unit rule will be applied.  Often the Loan Terms of Use are sensitive to user information, such as User Group. Because of this, Alma has to assume a TOU might apply, thus marking the item as "Loanable."

    Additional Information

    Do note that Alma will consider the Default loan rule in addition to any other user-created rules when determining whether to display "Loanable" or "Not Loanable". 

    For Primo, see: Configuring Service Labels in the Discovery Interface

    For Primo VE, see: Configuring Display Labels for Primo VE

    More specifically about "Item Policy" calculation - is in the Online Help regarding "Items List".


    • Article last edited: 216-JAN-2021