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    Locations (Holding) list in Primo's GetIt - how is it sorted?


    • Product: Alma


    How is the Location (holding) list in Primo's Get It tab sorted? 


    The calculation is based on availability calculation using the following criteria:

    1. IP based considerations can be calculated first (as preferred, enable Library IP priority in: Configuration > Fulfillment > Discovery Interface Display Logic > Locations Ordering Profile).

    2. Availability always takes precedence over other considerations, so that holdings with available items will always appear before holdings with no available items.

    3. Temporary Locations display before permanent locations.

    4. Remote storage location shows last, unless indicated differently in "Locations Ordering Profile" (Configuration > Fulfillment > Locations Ordering Profile).

    As of the October 2018 Release, it is also possible to Use Alphabetical Sorting Only

    Please check the Online Helps links below for detailed information.

    More Information:

    Click here for the Online Help regarding "Configuring the Order of Locations in Primo Search Results". 

    Find here more regarding "Configuring IP Ranges for a Library". 


    • Article last edited: 26-SEP-2018