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    MarcEdit integration with Alma via API

    • Product: Alma




    How can MarcEdit integrate with Alma?



    Integration was developed and kindly shared by Terry Reese at:

    For step by step and very clear instructions, see:


    Additional Information


    Users shared  tips: 


    * Windows Office PC needs to be open to TCP 1921 (for the Z39.50 connection); Using VPN can solve connection issues at some libraries.

    * Ensure your Institution's correct Alma URL is used in the Z39.50 Database Properties (sandbox, production, etc.). In some cases Z39.50 information needs to be re-added and saved. 

    * Hostname has to have HTTPS:

    * If testing on Sandbox, check that the API is configured for Sandbox; same regarding test on Production. More at:

    * One library has kindly shared examples of how to test the application APIs:
       -- The first one is the test of the BIB API (use your own MMS ID and API Key):[paste MMS ID here without square brackets]?apikey=[paste API Key here without square brackets]
       -- The second is the test of the USERS API
    https://api-na.hosted.exlibrisgroup....&apikey=[paste API Key here without square brackets]



    • Article last edited: 2-FEB-2018