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    Our Users are Experiencing Issues with Alma Crashing or Disconnecting. How Should this be Reported?

    • Product: Alma



    Our Users are Experiencing Issues with Alma Crashing or Disconnecting. How Should this be Reported?

    For example, an Staff user is logged out of or disconnected from Alma in the middle of a task or while navigating to another area of Alma.


    As issues involving Alma crashing or disconnecting can have a root cause anywhere between the affected user's browser, their network configuration, their network traffic, and Alma, additional information might be required to help give a full perspective of this issue.

    Additionally, this also assists our Development, Cloud, Infrastructure, or other related Support Teams to concurrently conduct their investigation.  


    Providing the following when opening a Salesforce case to report your issue can help expedite the investigation:


    • How many staff members at your institution are using Alma?  How many users are affected?  What are their User ID's?
    • What URL are they using to access Alma?
    • How are the staff members connected to the Internet when accessing the Alma user interface?  Do they use a local network, or a VPN?  If they use VPN, is there one, or multiple VPN's?
    • What is the IP Address of the computer that the users reporting the issue? 
    • Note: You can find out what IP Address you are using by going to the following website:
    • Can you provide a HAR file after the issue occurs?  

    A HAR file can be necessary for our Developers to analyze information regarding the reported issue that are not stored in Alma, such as traffic in between your computer and the Alma Servers.

    Instructions on how generate a HAR file can be found here.



    • Article last edited: 15-Jul-2021