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    Overencumbrance and Overexpenditure Rules - can be inherited from Summary Fund

    • Product: Alma


    How are the fund rules inherited, e.g. from Summary Fund?


    The development team confirms:

    Rules are inherited in this order: Ledger > Summary Fund > Allocated Fund.
    If a rule is overriden on summary fund level, this will "break" the inheritance chain.
    The modified rule from the summary fund will be taken over by the allocated fund underneath.
    There will be a "Restore rules information" button in the summary fund but not in the allocated fund
    When restoring the rules on the Summary Fund and clicking Save, this will also restore the rules on the Allocated Fund.

    Additional Information

    Click here for more about "Managing Funds and Ledgers".


    • Article last edited: 23-OCT-2019
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