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    POL for electronic resource not closed although activated and fully invoiced


    • Product: Alma
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    A one-time electronic PO line does not get closed although the resource is activated and the POL is fully invoiced


    Most likely, this resource can still be found in the "Electronic Resource Activation Task List" and was not set to "Done". This step is required in order to close the POL.


    Check if you can find the resource in the e-activation task list.


    * If you do find it, click "Done". The POL gets closed.

    * If you don't find it, then search for the portfolio and click "Create e-activation task". Afterwards return to the e-resource activation task list and proceed as described above.


    The problem of unfinished e-activation tasks might happen when the items on the task list are removed by using the "Delete" option rather than the "Done" option. Please note that the "Delete" option should not be used in a regular workflow but only when a task gets on the list in error. Only the "Done" option will set a PO line to "Closed".



    • Article last edited: 16-February-2016
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