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POL mandatory fields

  • Product: Alma



What are the fields which are required in order to create a purchase order in Alma?


We find that these are the fields which are necessary to build an order:


-- Material Supplier (Vendor)

-- List Price

-- Fund Code (if cost is a factor)

-- Location (unless the POL is without inventory, more below)


The library can always opt for more "blocks" by adding them to the "Purchasing Review Rules" (in the Acquisitions Configuration Menu).



Additional Information

-- Only Acquisition Type "Purchase" requires Fund information. More is found in the online help by clicking here.

-- To review an Article on "How to add Order without Inventory, or Assign Inventory Manually" click here.

-- Configuring Purchasing Review Rules is explained in the online help.

-- For reasons other than mandatory fields which could cause the POL to be stuck in Review click here.



  • Article last edited: 08-SEPT-2016