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How to add Order without Inventory, or Assign Inventory Manually

  • Product: Alma



How to create POL without inventory?


There are two options - 


First, to add POL which is not linked to any bib records. It is called "Creating Service Subscription PO Lines Without Inventory". Online documentation given below, under point #1.


Secondly, it is possible to add POL to a bib record and avoid adding inventory via the button "Assign Inventory Manually".  This is explained in the Online documentation given below, point #2.

Simply put, the steps are:

1. Search for your record (e.g. Harvard educational review)

2. Click: "Order"

3. Fill:

-- Purchase Type (e.g. Print Journal - Subscription)

-- PO Line Owner (e.g. Main Library)

-- AND select "Assign Inventory Manually" (this way, a new Holding record won't be created)


4. Confirm that no Location is linked to the POL

5. Don't add location in the POL form

6. Select any Acquisition Method, e.g. "Technical" or "Purchase at Vendor System" ("Purchase" will trigger email to vendor; "Gift" won't necessitate adding a fund...)...

7. Fill price if needed

8. Click: Save, confirm that the order will be created without Location

-- Do not click: "Save and Continue"!



9. Search for your bib record

10. Click: Holdings (for Continuous) or Items (for One-Time)

11. Associate the Holding record to your new PO Line.

12. Next, it is possible now to find again the POL > Edit > Save and Continue. Or, proceed as most relevant to your library.