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    POLs stuck in review


    • Product: Alma



    POLs (PO Lines) are stuck in Review, or, in another case, POs (Purchase Orders) are stuck, and not sent and/or closed.

    The facet says: "Order sending failed".  How to push them along?


    1. The vendor must have an email address, if Acquisition Method is "Purchase".

    --- To use by default another method, e.g. "Purchase at Vendor System", modify the table: Configuration > Acquisition > Acquisition Method.  

    --- Consider using  your own email for the vendor email address, if needing to fix current POs.

    2.  If acquisition method is "Purchase", two letters must be enabled, these are: OrderListLetter and OrderNowLetter (enabled in: Configuration > General > Letters Configuration).

    3. In some cases, we find that the Library which orders the materials must have address (configured in: Configuration > General > Add a Library or Edit Library Information)

    Additional Information

    After configuration changes, find the PO > Edit > Save and Continue.

    Online Help regarding "Acquisition Method" table:



    • Article last edited: 06-MAR-2018