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    POL with interested users received but no request triggered

    • Product: Alma


    A PO line with interested users is received but there is no request in the system.


    The workflow with interested users is that a request is only created on receiving the item.

    In this moment the system checks if a request is allowed for the user. These checks include the following:
    * Does the terms of use allow a request?
    * Does the user have a block?
    * Is the user blocked from loans/requests due to too many overdue loans or due to exceeding the fine limit?
    * Is the user expired?
    * Is there an active patron role?

    These are one-time checks in the moment of the receiving. Even if you change the item or patron details then to allow a request, it would be too late.

    There is no log entry listing the exact reason for the failure to create the request. When you find a POL where the request was not triggered, you will find that you can't submit a request either due to the same restrictions.


    • Article last edited: 07-Dec-2017
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