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Portfolio "Test Access" button says: "Some error occurred while retrieving services"

  • Article Type: General
  • Product: Alma

Problem Symptoms:
In Alma, test access to portfolios in a local package triggers this error message: "Some error occurred while retrieving services"
In Primo, the UResolver shows "no full text available"

Various reasons may be at cause. In this case, the URL field contained invalid preceding character

* Find the Electronic Portfolio
* Select: Edit
* Select the Linking Information tab
* Ensure that the URL is correct (e.g. does not have preceding characters, such as: =
* Save
* Test access

Additional Information

If the error is global for many portfolios, the URLs can be updated in bulk (batch), with the Job: Change electronic portfolio information

Category: Uresolver

Subject: Linking - Alma

  • Article last edited: 4/19/2014