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PO Line Assignment is Stuck in Alma

  • Product: Alma


A Purchase Order Line that is not in an assignable task is stuck assigned to a user with no option to release.

Defect Status

The root cause was fixed with the May 2021 release, but there may be lingering data issues from before the fix. This behavior can also be caused by using multiple Alma tabs within a single browser, which is highly not recommended.

Replication Steps

  1. Identify the PO Line that is assigned to a user.
  2. Note whether the PO Line has a status that is in an assignable task (such as In Review or Deferred)
  3. Attempt to release the assignment: PO Line > Row Actions > Release assignment.
  4. This issue occurs when the PO Line does not have an assignable task and the assignment release is unsuccessful.


Please open a case in the Support Portal. Include any affected PO Lines and a link to this page in the case, and Support will be able to manually release the assignment.

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