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    Patron identification displaying previous patrons

    • Product: Alma
    • Product Version: Feb 2018 Release



    We are having issues with the new UI feature of the Manage Patron Services page displaying the previous patrons that have been accessed when the cursor is in the Scan patron's id box. Because if this, we have had multiple issues of items being checked out to the wrong patron. The problem seems to be if the patron card does not scan/swipe correctly, Alma opens up one of the previous patrons from that list. 

    How can we disable this feature?  We do NOT want our circ staff to see any patrons except the one for the card they are swiping. 



    This works better in March release -- just clicking in the scan field doesn't immediately pop up the history, which is the big problem here (and is really pretty intrusive). You have to deliberately click the recent field to get the history to display. This alleviates the issues with the old patrons being opened up when cards don't scan. 
       The ability to disable the history completely is an enhancement request that is currently part of the Alma road map, and it's being handled internally by our Development team and Product Managers. As a result, a target timeline and other release related information is not available at this time. 


    • Article last edited: 1-Mar-2018

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