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    When is a notification sent to interested users

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Alma


    When is an email notification sent to interested users?


    The notification to the interested user is sent out when the item is fully Received or Activated. For continuous orders, a notification is sent each time a new item is received by clicking "Done."

    Additional Information

    If the item is "In Department", it won't trigger a message until it marked as "Done" as detailed below. 

    1. Be currently at: [The Acquisition Desk] 
    2. Alma Menu [F2] > "Receive" (under: Receiving and Invoicing) 
    3a. If you un-check the "Keep in Department": 
    *Find the Purchase Order Line > Select it > Click: "Receive" 
    *This will trigger an "Order Interested In" notification 

    3b. If the "Keep in Department" checkbox was checked 
    *Find the Purchase Order Line 
    *Click: Actions > "Manage Items" 
    *"Done" will trigger an "Order Interested In" notification


    • Article last edited: 26-April-2016