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    Publish records to OCLC - for Multiple Libraries


    • Product: Alma


    How to set up Publishing to OCLC for multiple libraries? For example, the Law Library would like to use the OCLC publishing job and export their own bibs or holding records. How to override the fact that the job uses one OCLC symbol?


    Publishing to multiple libraries is enabled.

    Consider the following options:

    1. Publishing Holdings to OCLC:
    - The file which is published (sent) to OCLC will contain the OCLC symbol in 852 subfield $a.

    2. Publishing Holdings with multiple OCLC symbols: 
    - The above scenario applies.  For libraries to have their own separate code symbol (overriding the institution symbol), map the library code to the assigned symbol in the  "Institution OCLC Symbol" mapping table. Found under: Configuration > Resources > Record Export > Institution OCLC Symbol.

    3. Publishing bib records with embedded holdings with multiple OCLC symbols
    - Scenario in first point above applies.  For libraries wishing to have their own separate code symbols, it is needed to map the information so that embedded holding tags will appear in the published MARC BIB records. Done at: Configuration > Resources > Record Export > Map Holdings fields into Bib record OCLC.


    Additional Information

    For more information consult the Online Help page: Initial Publishing Activities with OCLC.

    The page also refers to a presentation on "Resource Management - Publishing to OCLC using separate library codes and symbols".


    • Article last edited: 4-OCT-2023

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