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Questions on the report of the job 'Authorities - Link BIB Headings '

  • Product: Alma
  • Question :The report failed for 100 records, why only 36 are listed?

Answer: When a record fails the process, the whole bulk (of 100 records) will fail


Question: Why does the set contains only 24 records, although the counter shows a higher number ?


Answer: The “Records Processed” label in fact counts the number of headings, and not the number of records. Since each record can have several headings, the number of headings is almost always higher than the number of records. Therefore when we click on the ‘Number of Bib-Heading(s) where no appropriate authorized term was found’, the counter indicates the number of headings, but Alma opens a list of records that will be less than the number of headings (but will include them all)


Question:What is the customer supposed to do to fix these records?


Answer: There is nothing to do from the customer’s side, only a developer can find in the logs the identifier of the record that failed the bulk.

  • Article last edited: 22-12-2016