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    Receiving Acquisition In Process items in order to avoid In Transit (Work Order at Circulation Desk)

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Alma



    How to avoid putting items In Transit when they are processed by Acquisitions (post-receiving, processing) Departments? 




    The solution is to enable the Circulation Desk to "Receive" items.


    The steps are:

    1. Navigate to: Configuration Menu > General Tab
    2. Set "You are configuring" to: [your library]
    3. Click: "Work Order Types"
    4. Find the Acquisition Work Order, usually: "AcqWorkOrder"
    5. Navigate to the: Fulfillment Configuration Menu
    6. You are still on the Library level
    7. Click: Circulation Desks
    8. For the default circulation desk - Actions > Edit
    9. Select the tab "Work Order Types"
    10. Click: "Add work order"
    11. Add the Acquisition Work Order

    Additional Information

    An item can be received at the acquisitions department and it is in place as long as Keep in Department is not checked.
    The item will not be in place and not be in transit to a circulation desk when an acquisitions work order is marked Done.

    At some stage, just change Roles for all operators so they no longer can "be currently at" the obsolete Department and add items there. At this point, all "In Process" items will need to be edited to reflect new processing department. 



    • Article last edited: 10-JAN-2019