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Relinking a PO line without MMS ID

  • Product: Alma



How do I relink a PO line without an MMS ID to a new record? 


  1. Look up the record that the PO line is linked to at the moment. For ex: performing an Electronic Collections search.

  2. Click Edit Collection > Go to the General tab

  3. Under Acquisitions and License Information > Click the X next to the PO line to remove the PO line > Click Save 

  4. Now locate the record you want to link the PO line to. For ex: performing an Electronic Collection search.

  5. Click Edit Collection > Go to the General tab

  6. In the PO line box, either type in the PO line number or click the list button (3 dots and 3 lines) to search for the PO line.

  7. Add any relevant information under the Acquisitions and License Information, including Activation date and License.

  8. Click Save

  9. To check if relinking was successful, after searching for record there will be an Orders: 1 under the title. The number is clickable and will take you to the newly added PO line.


Additional Information

For steps on how to relink a PO line with an MMS ID please see the Closing, Reopening, and Relinking documentation


  • Article last edited: 05-Nov-2021
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