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    Requesting an item when you already have an item of the same BIB record on loan

    • Product: Alma


    A patron has an item on loan and wants to request another item of the same BIB record. Alma apparently does not allow it. Is there a way to enable it?


    Yes, it is possible to enable it but only if the requested item has a different loan policy than the item on loan:
    1. In Configuration > Fulfillment > Other Settings, change the value "enable_request_during_loan_for_different_policy" to TRUE.
    2. When creating a new request, find "Loan Period" under "Add Request Attributes" and select a loan policy here.

    Additional Information

    This system behaviour is desired in cases where libraries have some high demand copies that can be loaned for a few days but also regular copies that can be loaned for an extended period of several weeks.
    A customer might loan the high demand item and at the same time request the regular item. This request should not be blocked by the system.


    • Article last edited: 29-Aug-2018
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