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    Requests are cancelled and items marked missing automatically

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Alma
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct; Direct; Local; Total Care


    Items are automatically marked as "Missing" after being in the Pick from Shelf, and request's expiration date has passed.  Is there a way to change this behavior?


    The "Requests – Handle Expiration Step" job marks requested items as missing.

    Support can disable the job on request.
    Or, please inspect the "Request Pickup Rules". Libraries can better control how and when requests expire, how they appear on the pickup shelf, and whether the item is to be considered missing if it was not fulfilled within a specified number of days.

    It is possible to configure Rules for this job.

    On the "Request Pickup Configuration" page (Configuration > Fulfillment > Physical Fulfillment > Request Pickup Configuration), click: Add Rule

    1. Enter the name for the request pickup configuration rule
    2. Input Parameters section, specify the components of the input parameters (Name, Operator, and Value). A set of input parameters may look like this: User Group = Graduate student. The available Name input parameters are: *Location / Request Type / User Group. (You can use Request Type, Operator - Is not empty).
    3. Consider as missing when expired: Never
    4. Show in 'Pick From Shelf' list: Whether the requested item appears on the Pick From Shelf list.
    5. Expiry time for 'Pick From Shelf' (in days): The number of days after which the request is considered expired. For example, if you specify 5 in this field, once a requested item is not picked up within 5 days, the request is considered expired.

    Some items requested by patrons are automatically marked Missing by the System, and the requests are canceled.

    Additional Information

    More information about "Configuring Request Pickup Rules" is in the Online Help.
    See also What does the job “Requests – Handle Expiration Step” do?

    Category: Fulfillment

    Subject: Requests

    • Article last edited: `17-OCT-2016