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    Set a "fixed due date" for loans other than "End of Term" functionality

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Alma


    Library needs a temporary "fixed due date" rule to be in place by end of the semester. This would apply to the regular users. Faculty already has a rule set for End of Term and it is working correctly. The new due dates need to not extend past the end of the semester.



    Two solutions:

    1. Use the process "Bulk Change Due Dates"
      1. The process is found in Alma (F2) > Fulfillment > Advanced Tools
      2. A change of due date will trigger an email to the patron (via the scheduled process "Loans - Due Date Correction after Calendar Change")
      3. For more information see the Alma Fulfillment Guide > Changing Loan Date in Bulk

    Note: Be careful to add the “From Due Date” and “To Due Date”, because otherwise, you may prolong due dates for overdue loans!


    More information about Changing Loan Due Dates in Bulk:


    1. Change the User expiry date
      1. Alma will shorten the loan and calculate the due date as the close hour of the library before the patron expiration
      2. When loaning or renewing items, the due date will be no later than the user's expiry date
      3. This will not affect manual change of due date


    • Article last edited: 4-MAY-2016