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    Add or modify "End of Term" event, for loans and renewals due date (e.g. at new semester)

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Alma


    How to add or modify an Event, e.g. to enable loans to be due at the next semester's end?


    OPTION 1: Add a new "End of Term" Event

    1. Select the Fulfillment Configuration Menu
    2. Stay on the Institution level (You are configuring: [Your Institution])
    3. Select: Opening Hours
    4. Select: Add Record
    ** Record Type: Event
    ** Recurrence: leave empty
    ** Fixed date description: fill a meaningful "End of Term" name
    ** Fill the due date (i.e., end of term)
    >> Click: "Apply Changes" so that the new event takes effect!

    OPTION 2: Edit the current "End of Term"
    Is possible to change a current Event's due date; this will impact new loans or renewals
    >> Click: "Apply Changes" so that the new event takes effect!


    If a new event was created, please attach it to the Terms of Use (TOU). See Knowledge Article: Why is new "End of Term" not in effect for renewals?



    • Article last edited: 27-MAY-2016