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    Add or Modify an "End of Term" Event For a Fixed Due Date in Alma

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    • Product: Alma


    How do you add or modify an "End of Term" event to make loans due at the end of the semester?


    How to Add a new "End of Term" Event

    1. Navigate to the Configuration Menu (make sure you stay on the institution level)
    2. Select Fulfillment > Library Management > Opening Hours
    3. Select "Add Record"END OF TERM Add Record.png
    4. Fill out your "End of Term" event to your institution's specifications. For example: END OF TERM Add Record 2.png
    5. Click "Add and Close"
    6. Click "Apply Changes"
    7. Then "Save" at the top of the Calendar Management team.

    How to Edit the current "End of Term"

    1. Find the current End of Term event on the Calendar Management page and click the ellipsis button to editEND OF TERM Add Record 3.png
    2. Update the End of Term as you wish and click "Save"

    Additional Information

    If you created a new event, please attach it to your Terms of Use (TOU). See Knowledge Article: "Why is A New "End of Term" Event Not in Effect for Renewals?"

    For more information on configuring Terms of Use, including different types of due dates, See Documentation "Physical Fulfillment - Configuring Terms of Use"

    The Event must be on an Open Day, so make sure that the Library Opening Hours configuration has open hours for that date.

    The "Event" needs to be added on the Institution level: "Libraries inherit events and exceptions from the institution", read more at: "Configuring Institution/Library Open Hours".


    • Article last edited: 12-JAN-2022
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